Why NCT Education?

The Earning Methodology

Our Methodology makes the Students capable of creatively resolve complex & tricky problems by improving and sharpening their analytical skills & parallel thinking processes.We develop and share the right strategies from time to time to optimize Students’ output From Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Youtube Ranking Experts (YRE).

Motivational Sessions

These sessions aim to make the concept of each student crystal clear without leaving anything for chance. Students with difficulties are always welcome in this session because this has been instrumental in increasing the overall score.

Effective Time Management

Entire syllabus is covered extensively and completed in time thereby saving sufficient time for revision, tests and doubt clearing sessions. This effective time management technique helps students improve their score at the last minute of preparation.

About NCT


NAVNIRMAN CHARITABLE TRUST organised ‘National Day Celebration Program’ since last 9 years. They invite students from different schools, senior citizen groups, women groups and political leaders to join them in flag hosting and cultural program.

They have adopted 1151 children. Each and every adopted child gets full facilities better than a normal child. They treat all the children equally. They provide essential things like school bags and all stationary as well as their transport arrangement are also done during board examination. NCT also arranges 11 girls marriage who belongs from poor family or who cannot afford it.

NAVNIRMAN CHARITABLE TRUST is a Non-Government Organization, initiated by the well-wishers of Mr.Purvish Patel as an expression of gratitude for his contribution towards humanity. This foundation started with an aim to provide a platform for growth and development to the needy and create an avenue of hope for a better future. "NAVNIRMAN CHARITABLE TRUST" is dedicated to all the fans of Mr.Purvish Patel When we mention "Fans", it refers to all the people, young and old, who admires Mr.Purvish Patel for his significant contribution to the society. It's not a rocket science or a magical spell that has done wonders; it's his noble work for humanity that has won the hearts of many. His aim to help humanity has provided him a status no less than a 'Hero'. He is humbled by the blessings showered upon him by people from all walks of life. Kind, affectionate and humble defines his personality; a man with a noble mission to support, educate and uplift the needy. His relentless effort to empower the underprivileged sections of the society is his contribution towards his society.

His act of kindness has been the source of inspiration for many. He has managed to touch the lives of many in a special way through his benevolent acts. Thus, NAVNIRMAN CHARITABLE TRUST is an initiative to carry forward the humane deeds of Mr.Purvish Patel and campaign for the cause of humanity. This foundation is dedicated at providing every possible help to the poor and needy by organizing several events like Blood Donation, Scholarship Programs, Food Fest, Distribution of Wheel Chairs, Distribution of Fruits, etc. He is of the belief that our society can only prosper by helping the deprived sections of our society grow to a level of self-dependency and self-sufficient. NAVNIRMAN CHARITABLE TRUST is an effort to fulfill his dream of a secure and a self-sufficient society


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